Did You Know?

The average life span of a router is only three to five years. Heat stress from running 24/7 causes them to wear out and become unreliable.


Your network is the center of your business.

In modern offices, the network is responsible for the phone system, security cameras, desktops, printers, internet routing, and much more. Yet this vital system is often ignored and neglected. While many businesses would use an antivirus on their machines to protect them, they leave the door open by using poor setups or residential equipment for their network. A properly configured and maintained network is your first defense against hackers.

Wireless networking can leave you vulnerable and is often not optimized. The temptation to install wireless access points without a Wi-Fi heat map leaves you open to a world of headaches. Access points can work against each other instead of working for you.

A network is only as strong as its weakest link. Bottlenecks can be challenging to find. The cabling infrastructure behind the network can also lead to issues. Security updates are often released in the form of firmware for network devices and can be crucial to keeping your business running safe and secure.

Features Include

  • Firewall/Router
  • PoE Switches
  • Wi-Fi6
  • Indoor/Outdoor Wireless
  • SFP Compatible
  • Link Aggregation
  • Power Redundancy 
  • LTE Backup
  • VLAN
  • Dual WAN
  • Deep Packet Inspection

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